We know you are constantly on the move with work, family and south Florida traffic its hard to find time.

When we first slow down and look at our minds and bodies, we may notice pain, anxiety, or desperate thoughts. We might find impatience, anger, doubt, or sadness. Maybe the urge to give up will arise. Over time, we learn that whatever comes up is workable, but unless we make a steady commitment, we risk losing heart, before the practice has time to bear fruit.

Visit us and start feeling better. our services

Below are a few of the services we offer to get you on the path to feeling better and living a mindful life.

I want to make things as easy for you as possible.  To help make your appointment a pleasant as possible experience, please download my FREE mobile app.  Please find us as Mindful Living on APPLE and ANDROID app stores.

Once downloaded complete the friendly to use “helpful forms”.  This will help get past the administrative form filling part in the office.  Just complete the form and press submit.

Have a great day!Butterfly Clipped

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